Control Panel

Control Panel (CP) utilizes Blue Ridge’s BACnet native M³ modular platform, electronics suite, and DIN rail-based enclosure packaging to offer maximum flexibility in design and implementation of your lighting control application.

CP is suited for new or existing building applications. CP scales from a single zone to an entire floor or large public area. CP communication type, size, and I/O capacity are fully configurable based on specific project requirements.

I/O Modules – Class I

RO04 (Relay Outputs with Load Status)
RE04 (UL924 Relay Outputs with Load Status)
TS02 (Tri-State Outputs)
TM03 (Power Supply & Termination)


Detail Drawings


I/O Modules – Class II

AO08 (Analog Outputs)
AU48 (Analog Outputs and Universal Inputs)
DU88 (Digital Outputs and Universal Inputs)
CM (Control Module)
UI16 (Universal Inputs)
TM01 (LV Power Supply & Termination)
TM02 (LV Power Supply & Termination)
RD16 (Relay Driver)


Detail Drawings

Standards – Class II – IOM

Supporting Documents

Below please find Typical Zone Wiring Drawings, Detail Drawings, & Application Diagrams pertaining to the Control Panel.

Detail Drawings

Layout & Standards
Dead Front Cover Layout
Enclosure Layout

Wiring Drawings

Detail Sheet 100 – Class I
Detail Sheet 200 – Class II
Detail Sheet 300 – CAN

Size / Type

B Size / Normal
B Size / UL 924
C Size / Normal
C Size / UL 924
D Size / Normal
D Size / UL 924
E Size / Normal
E Size / UL 924
F Size / Normal
F Size / UL 924

Application Diagrams

Template & Legend
Network Design
CP Applications
Network Riser