I/O Modules – Class I

RO04 (Relay Outputs with Load Status)
RE04 (UL924 Relay Outputs with Load Status)
TS02 (Tri-State Outputs)
TM03 (Power Supply & Termination)
RO224(Combination Input/Output & Power)
RE224(Combination Input/Output & Power)


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I/O Modules – Class II

AO08 (Analog Outputs)
AU48 (Analog Outputs and Universal Inputs)
DU88 (Digital Outputs and Universal Inputs)
CM (Control Module)
UI16 (Universal Inputs)
TM01 (LV Power Supply & Termination)
TM02 (LV Power Supply & Termination)
RD16 (Relay Driver)
RD32 (Relay Driver)


Detail Drawings

Standards – Class II – IOM
Standards – Class II – CM