Control Kit / Retrofit Kit

Control Kit (CK) expands and extends your systems by employing convenient collections of our pluggable Control, I/O and Termination modules.

Retrofit Kit (RK) is ideal for replacing existing relay panel electronics while retaining the original relays, line voltage wire, conduit, and enclosure.

CK/RK reduces labor as well as material cost. CK/RK models are available for conversion of existing relay panels which utilize common LTR, 2-wire, 3-wire, or 5-wire relays.

I/O Modules

AO08 (Analog Outputs)
AU48 (Analog Outputs and Universal Inputs)
DU88 (Digital Outputs and Universal Inputs)
CM (Control Module)
UI16 (Universal Inputs)
TM01 (LV Power Supply & Termination)
TM02 (LV Power Supply & Termination)
RD16 (Relay Driver)
RD32 (Relay Driver)

 RD32 Installation Guide

Detail Drawings

Standards – Class II – IOM
Standards – Class II – CM
Standards – RIB to RD32

Supporting Documents

Detail Drawings

Layout & Standards – RK (RD16)
Layout & Standards – RK (RD32)
Layout & Standards – RK (2xRD32)

Wiring Drawings

Detail Sheet 100 – Class I
Detail Sheet 200 – Class II