No matter the size Retrofit Interiors can be a solution to any job.

  • Re-use existing conduit
  • Cut installation time in half
  • Pre-wired & UL-Listed panel interior

No matter the size Control Panels can be a solution to any job.

  • Plenum-rated & UL-Listed
  • Completely modular plattorm
  • Distributed controls where you need them


M3 Platform

M³ is an open standards-based, scalable, lighting control platform delivered as a unified or standalone solution.  M³ enables the delivery of a right-sized solution across three dimensions:

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Field Devices

A comprehensive high quality collection of Sensors, Switches, and Capcitive Touch Stations to address your advanced Lighting control needs.

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A collection of simple but powerful tools that will ease installation, reduce costs and enhance your sales efforts.

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Blue Ridge Technologies

Unified Controls Maximize Energy Savings and Reliability

Blue Ridge Technologies’ Unified control solutions provide maximum energy savings and increased reliability at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

By combining existing BACnet and other open protocol networks, along with our innovative modular designs, Blue Ridge has created a networkable solution that brings contemporary and legacy control systems into a Unified building automation platform. This approach leverages the system you already own to increase the energy and operational efficiency of your facility, while utilizing the same trusted local service provider you use today.

Legacy Product Resources

This includes retired product history, upgrade information, replacement options, and commonly used documentation. The documentation provided is for reference and troubleshooting purposes only.

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