Demo Kit

Demo Kit consolidates all the components necessary to demonstrate the M³ modular platform with the preferred Building Automation System (BAS). The travel-friendly, rolling, hard plastic case contains a TK-3.0 Technician’s Kit, as well as a display occupancy sensor and light sensor.

Supporting Documents

Below please find Typical Wiring Drawings & Essentials System Files pertaining to the Demo Kit.

Wiring Drawings

Detail Sheet

Essentials System Files

Demo Kit System File

Tech Kit

Tech Kit 3.0 (TK-3.0) includes all components for USB and Bluetooth wireless configuration of the M³ Platform. TK-3.0 facilitates Controller Module setup, programming, firmware updates, and firmware restoration. The kit features Blue Ridge Technologies Essentials™ software on a 1GB flash drive, a Bluetooth Module, a 12′ Tech Cable (TC), a Class I and Class II screwdriver, and a Carry Bag.

Training Kit

Training Kit contains all of the product you need to control an example space. Contents below: