M³ (Em-Cubed) modular platform is standards-based, open lighting control delivered as a unified solution through the building automation system.

M³ modular platform enables the design of right-sized solutions across three dimensions:

  • Application: The platform supplies powerful authoring tools to allow for running as many applications as your needs require.
  • I/O: Acquire only the I/O you need to run your applications, with the ability to add more later if your needs grow.
  • Packaging: Distribute your I/O with right-sized enclosures while allowing for further growth solutions.

Being able to easily scale one’s needs along each of these dimensions delivers an easy to configure-and-maintain solution, unsaddled with excess while affording for effortless future expansion.

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Video Tutorials

Getting Connected with Essentials™

The Physical Tree – Part 1

The Physical Tree – Part 2

The Logical Tree – Part 1 – ZN & CH

The Logical Tree – Part 2 – RO & AO

The Logical Tree – Part 3 – CTS

The Logical Tree – Part 4 – OCC

The Logical Tree – Part 5 – DLH

The Logical Tree – Part 6 – LSC

DIN Rail Removal

Upgrading Software and Firmware

Supporting Documents


For Building Automation System (BAS) integration details, product compatibility information, and other technical notes.

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