BACnet Lighting Control Solutions to Update Your Building Automation

by | Apr 17, 2024 | BACnet, BACnet Lighting Control Solution, Building Automation Control

Manage Needs Through One System

BACnet-based lighting control solutions are the standard and popular choice for various industries. They help to successfully manage multiple systems of their building and facility needs through one convenient, automated system. A BACnet platform defines and packages data that facilitates communications from different equipment to create interoperability across a single or many buildings.

What Is BACnet?

BACnet stands for “Building Automation Control Network” and is a communication standard used for managing building automation and control networks within one or across several facilities. BACnet provides the infrastructure that allows multiple manufacturers’ equipment and control devices to communicate based on an industry-accepted data communication standard, enabling independent facility subsystems to assimilate into a comprehensive, automated control solution. Building Automation Control Networks include various systems such as lighting control, temperature control, security monitoring and access control, energy management tasks, and data analytics analysis.

Created by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in 1995, BACnet is a fully open protocol that created a robust operating standard for the commercial building automation industry. BACnet is designed to be flexible and easily integrated into existing building control systems, allowing for streamlined communication between simple and complex automated building operations. BACnet is not a standard for how various devices are programmed. Instead, it acts as a communication facilitator between different equipment, enabling communication and interoperability among unrelated systems.

The BACnet standard follows an object-oriented protocol and utilizes a client/server relationship to exchange data and complete actions. BACnet includes 60+ everyday standard objects and allows users to create and integrate modified objects into the protocol.

Blue Ridge Technologies’ BACnet Native Lighting Control Solution Products

Blue Ridge Technologies specializes in BACnet native lighting control solutions for facilities across a variety of commercial facilities. Our BACnet M³ modular platform is the basis for all our advanced lighting control products, including our:

The Blue Ridge Technologies’ M³ platform is a modular, standards-based, open lighting control system that enables facilities to create solutions through application flexibility, input/output options, and packaging. Our entire Unified Lighting control solution relies on the BACnet platform to communicate across systems and create a more flexible lighting solution that can be scaled up or down, depending on the complexity of your lighting control system requirements.

BACnet platforms allow customers to create a unified building automation system that can integrate several different types of equipment to accomplish a variety of facility tasks to help reduce costs and save resources. Blue Ridge Technologies is a premier provider of BACnet-based lighting control solutions and products that can be adapted and customized to your unique needs.

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