M3 Standalone

M³ Standalone Panel, the latest addition to the platform, arrives in Q3 2024.  M³ Standalone has all the flexibility and features required for today’s and tomorrow’s advanced lighting control applications and includes simple but powerful checkout and startup tools designed to be electrician-friendly.

  • Includes built-in native BACnet networking capabilities that provision future integration/unification without bridges, gateways, and unnecessary complexity.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling the electrical contractor through our innovative phone or tablet application to implement advanced lighting controls quickly and efficiently in a space/zone, available Q4 2024.
  • Is a good fit for current Division 26 specifications, designed with scalability and future feature additions without hardware replacement in mind.
  • When and where integration/unification is desired, it can be done concurrently with the project or post-project by any systems integrator that is BACnet qualified and requires no additional hardware.

Please reach out to sales@brtint.com for inquiries.

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