Update Your Douglas Lighting Controls System with a Blue Ridge Retrofit Kit

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Control Modules, Douglas Lighting Controls, Retrofit Kit, Unified Building Automation

The abrupt closure of Douglas Lighting Controls has left a noticeable gap in the lighting control industry, with customers needing help with service for existing systems and not knowing where to turn for future product needs. Blue Ridge has the capabilities and products to keep your existing systems operational. We can transition your control systems to a unified building automation platform to serve your current needs and conserve your investment for the future.

The Blue Ridge Technologies Solution for Legacy Douglas Lighting Systems

Blue Ridge Technologies continuously develops innovative solutions to meet our customers’ changing needs. The unexpected shutdown of Douglas Lighting Controls has left customers urgently searching for a manufacturer that can support and service Douglas Lighting Systems products. Blue Ridge Technologies has the product solution to fill this gap with our Retrofit Kit.

How Does Our Retrofit Kit for Douglas Lighting Controls Modules Work?

Blue Ridge Technologies’ Retrokit Kit is a simple solution for updating and replacing legacy Douglas Lighting Systems. The Retrofit Kit utilizes a BACnet native controller that can be integrated into an existing Douglas system. There is no need to demo your existing system and pay for a new product installation.

The Retrofit Kit utilizes the existing electrical infrastructure and switching platform, adding new life to your Douglas Lighting System extremely easy. Our Retrokit Fit is also designed with scalability in mind, so regardless of how complex your current system is or may become, Blue Ridge Technologies products can accommodate your needs.

Our Retrofit Kits are designed to be flexible so they can be configured to fit your specific needs. We will discuss important system criteria with each customer including the number of relays needed, the number of inputs required, and additional features and capabilities to meet current energy codes to design a complete solution that offers greater efficiency and productivity for your facility.

Customers can customize their programming to automate actions within one facility or across several facilities, all through one unified system. The Retrofit Kit also has a demand response option, required in California and Washington state, to allow utility companies to ask the facility to reduce energy usage during specific times to address power shortages or conservation efforts.

Retrofit Kit Set Up and Installation for Douglas Lighting Systems Modules

Our Retrofit Kit BACnet controller is easily programmable with a laptop or desktop computer. The Kit connects with a standard micro USB cable to allow our customers to program the controller from anywhere, eliminating the need to set up the Kit on-site and creating the opportunity to receive remote assistance to configure and commission the system.

We prioritize customer success with all our products. Our experienced team is available to provide training and service during the installation process to ensure your Retrofit Kit is correctly installed and integrated with your building management system. Our team is available to provide guided training to contractors, and we offer a tech support phone line with customer success agents, application engineers, and product engineers to ensure our team finds a solution to your problem. Our main priority is quality products and superior customer service, so we also offer a five-year warranty on our electronics if any issues arise. 

The installation process should take less than two hours, depending on the system’s complexity. Once integrated, our BACnet controller will provide essential information, including building energy usage, occupancy status, guidance on optimizing the system, analysis of facility space use, etc. 

With Blue Ridge Technologies’ Retrofit Kit, you can better leverage your building automation platform and extend the lifespan of your Douglas Lighting Control system. If you are looking for a new lighting control solution, Blue Ridge Technologies has your lighting control needs covered.

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