Illuminating Efficiency: The Power of Advanced Lighting Controls with Blue Ridge Technologies

by | May 31, 2024 | Advanced Lighting Controls, Cost Effectiveness, Energy Efficient

Advanced Lighting Control Features

In the dynamic world of commercial lighting, the push towards energy efficiency and intelligent building management has led to significant advancements in lighting control technology. Advanced lighting controls go far beyond the basic functions of manual switches and dimmers, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize lighting usage, enhance occupant comfort, and contribute to energy savings. Blue Ridge Technologies stands at the forefront of innovation in advanced lighting control features to meet the evolving needs of modern buildings. This blog post will explore the essentials of advanced lighting controls and how Blue Ridge Technologies is a leader in delivering them.

The Essence of Advanced Lighting Controls

Advanced lighting controls refer to systems that automatically regulate light levels in a space based on various parameters such as occupancy, time of day, and available daylight. These systems are characterized by their ability to provide distributed control at a granular level over the entire lighting environment, adapting to real-time changes to ensure optimal lighting conditions while minimizing minimum energy consumption. Key features of advanced lighting controls include:

Occupancy Sensing: Automatically adjusts lighting based on the presence or absence of people in a space.

Daylight Harvesting: Utilizes natural light from windows and skylights to reduce reliance on artificial lighting.

Time Scheduling: Programs lighting to turn on, off, or dim at specific times to align with building usage patterns.

Task Tuning: Customizes light levels for specific tasks or areas to improve comfort and reduce wasted light.

Personal Control: Allows individual users to adjust lighting in their immediate environment according to personal preference.

Demand Response: Reduces lighting levels during peak energy demand periods to alleviate strain on the power grid and reduce energy costs.

Integration with Building Automation Systems (BAS): Coordinates lighting control with other building systems for holistic facility management.

Blue Ridge Technologies: A Leader in Advanced Lighting Controls

Blue Ridge Technologies distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating these advanced lighting control features into all our solutions, tailoring our systems to meet the unique demands of each space, building, and campus. Here’s how Blue Ridge Technologies delivers the advanced lighting control you need:

Occupancy Sensing: Blue Ridge’s systems utilize dual-technology occupancy sensors to ensure that lights are only on when spaces are in use. They share this information with the other building systems, significantly reducing energy waste and extending the lifespan of lighting fixtures.

Daylight Harvesting: Our solutions include sophisticated daylight harvesting strategies, automatically adjusting indoor lighting levels in response to the amount of natural sunlight entering the space. This conserves energy and maintains a consistent and comfortable lighting environment.

Flexible Time Scheduling: Blue Ridge Technologies offers robust scheduling options that can be customized to the minute, creating independent occupancy modes and allowing building managers to optimize lighting based on use patterns, unique events, or seasonal changes.

Task Tuning and Personal Control: By enabling precise control over lighting levels in different areas, Blue Ridge’s systems ensure that lighting is always appropriate for the task. Furthermore, individual control options empower occupants to adjust their lighting environment, enhancing satisfaction and productivity.

Demand Response: Our lighting controls can participate in utility demand response programs, automatically reducing load during peak pricing or grid stress events. This can lead to significant cost savings and contribute to grid stability.

Comprehensive BMS Integration: Blue Ridge Technologies excels in integrating lighting controls with the broader building management systems, facilitating interoperability and reliable communication, and creating a unified approach to energy management and operational efficiency.

The Impact of Blue Ridge Technologies’ Advanced Controls

Blue Ridge Technologies enhances the functionality and efficiency of advanced lighting control systems and supports modern buildings’ sustainability goals. Our solutions offer tangible benefits, including energy and cost savings, improved occupant comfort and productivity, and reduced environmental impact.


Advanced lighting controls represent a pivotal development for smarter, more sustainable buildings. Blue Ridge Technologies is at the forefront of this movement, offering innovative solutions that leverage the full potential of advanced lighting controls to create optimized, energy-efficient environments. As the demand for more intelligent building solutions continues to grow, the role of advanced lighting controls and the expertise of companies like Blue Ridge Technologies will be crucial in shaping the future of building systems.

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